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There’s nothing better than drinking cocktails on a hot summer day, and the people of South Carolina know moonshine always hits the spot.

Buy a Scannable fake South Carolina ID from IDTop & sip on summer liqueurs all day long by the poolside.

FIVE HOLOGRAM SEALS – On the front of the South Carolina ID and driver’s license, there are five different holograms. There is also a state capitol building on the ID photo, while the state seal is underneath the photo. At the bottom of the card is the word South Carolina in large text. On the right side of the card are two groups of the South Carolina State outlines.





BANNER OF SOUTH CAROLINA LICENSE – There is no banner header on this ID card. Instead, the word South Carolina is in bold red text on the left corner. Above the word Carolina, in small red text, are the letters SC and USA. There will be either the words driver’s license or identification card in black text to the right.

STATE OUTLINE & REAL ID COMPLIANT – At the top right corner, there is a shape of the state of South Carolina in red. On top of the shape are the letters DL printed in white. Below the shape is a yellow star. This star is the South Carolina Real ID symbol.

Special South Carolina Driver’s License Features – Intricate Optically Variable Features

The South Carolina card background design has red, green, white, and blue Guilloche technique running at the top and bottom of the card. In the middle of the card underneath the ID photo is red microprinting. The shape of South Carolina is underneath the description text, and it is next to the state capitol building, which is yellow and gray.

The best nightclubs and bars in Charleston may have ID scanners, but our fake South Carolina IDs can fool even the most experienced doormen. While you’re in Charleston, bowling a strike and drinking whiskey at The Alley will help you relax and make you forget about your problems.

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