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If day drinking were a state, it would be North Carolina. This is the state that loves hard liquor and staying up all night. Since it is part of the South, there’s a lot of music-based after-dark entertainment to fill the night with melodies and keep the bar patrons and dancers going. Greensboro and Charlotte are amazing fun cities with a lot of young people and tourists, so clubs and bars are always packed.

Buy a Scannable fake North Carolina ID from IDTop & enter the world 30-night clubs and over 40 different bars and lounges, so there’s a new establishment to drink every day of the month.

UV printed ribbon on top and bottom of the card. – When you place the ID or driver’s license underneath a black light, you will see a UV-printed multi-string ribbon that goes across the right corner and bottom of the card. On the top of the ribbon, the words North Carolina is spelled out.




Multi-colored Guilloche Printing in Background – Throughout the front of the card, you will see various waving lines creating shapes and figures. The colors of the lines are blue, blue-green, red, purple, yellow, and pink. They’re also microprinting dots along the bottom and right side of the background. Flipping over the North Carolina ID or driver’s license will reveal a lightly colored design over most of the cards. It is a series of patchwork pieces and squares that range from fairly white to very purple.

Two ghost images at the bottom – There is one colored ghost image and another black and white ghost image in the corner on the right bottom side of the card. These images overlap each other slightly, and both have their backgrounds. As you angle your fake ID into different positions in the light, you should be able to see two holographic state seals. Between them is an old-fashioned airplane that is shining in different colors on the front of the card. There is one state seal on each side of the card, and the airplane is in the middle.

Special North Carolina Driver’s License Features – Primary Portrait & PET LAMINATED IDs

On the left side of the card is the full ID photo. This photo is not a solid image, so you can see the background’s design behind it. On top of the photo ID is the words Commissioner of Motor Vehicles in purple letters.

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