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Since immigrants first came to New York in the 1700s, the people of this state have not stopped drinking rum and wine at bars and taverns all over the state. Even without New York City, the after-dark entertainment in this state will have you neglecting all other areas in your life so you can be wild.

Buy a Scannable fake New York ID from IDTop & enter the world of great downtown drinking scene with bars and lounges surrounded by nature.

Multi-Color Printing– The background image on the front of the New York State driver’s license and identification is designed with different colors. The colors are yellow and blue, with some red and white. On the right side of the card is the state seal, while the top left corner has the Statue of Liberty.




The full photo ID – On the New York ID, the full photo image is in black and white. There is no background, just a faded area behind the cardholder’s bust. There is a black and white ghost image on the right side in the middle of the card. But instead of a background, the sides of the bust and above the head are no longer there, so you can see through it. Underneath the ghost image is a small ribbon spelling at the cardholder’s name in black text. If you place the ghost image underneath a black light, it will look like it’s glowing.

AMERICAN FLAG & BLACK STAR SYMBOLS OF NEW YORK LICENSE – On the bottom right corner underneath the ghost image, there is a small colored American flag. The flag is colored red white, and blue while the pole it is flying on is silver. The flag represents that you have an enhanced New York Real ID. But if you have a regular ID, then instead of a flag, you will see a black circle with a star in the top right corner.

Special New York Driver’s License Features – Multi-Image Guilloche

Close to the top right corner, you will see the identification number in a small gray header. The nine identification numbers are printed in batches of threes and have no letters.

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