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Minnesotans love to get together, dance and drink, and they do so mostly at state fairs. These fairs are massive, and they are where the entire town or city comes together, shops, eats, drinks, ride fair rides, and stays out until the late night.

Buy a Scannable fake Minnesota ID from IDTop & enter the world of beer gardens for non-stop beer and whiskey tasting.


UV print of state and spiral – On the front side of the driver’s license, there is a UV print of the state of Minnesota, a large spiral that crosses the whole card, and the state seal. The state has a series of lines within it, and the state seal is wedged between the state map and the spiral. These UV images are layered on top of the entire card.




Walleye Fish – On the front of the card is a walleye fish, and it is there now because it is a new security measure. The fish can only be seen if you place a light behind the card. This is an embossed feature, and we have the technology in order to make this design.

Transparent Ghost Photo – At the bottom right corner, there is a ghost image of the photo ID. The ghost image is black and white, and the background behind it is gray. It is printed on top of the background layer, but you can see the background through it.

Special Minnesota Driver’s License Features – Blue “M” & Green “N” symbols

In the top left corner of our Minnesota fake driver’s license is the letter m. There is a partial n sticking out behind the m. The m is colored in blue while the n is green. These letters are placed to the right of the “Minnesota” state header.

Minneapolis is the most populated city in the state, and it never disappoints its visitors. One of the best restaurants you can go to during the day is Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge which is a tiki and Hawaiian themed restaurant that serves amazing food and has a whole menu of daiquiris and mixed drinks.

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