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If you want to experience a good time on a lake, then you will enjoy Michigan. They are no strangers to staying up all night and living up their youth in nightclubs and bars. 20% of all Michigan adults are binge drinkers.

Buy a Scannable fake Michigan ID from IDTop & never turn down an opportunity to trick bouncers with our IDs and drink until you can’t stand.


Blue Microprinting– Throughout the background of the Michigan driver’s license, there is blue and yellow guilloche lacing. It covers the majority of the card and is very thin. The intricacy of the lacing is challenging to replicate if a card maker’s printer is old, but we have new printers that can easily handle this level of detail.





DUPLICATE PHOTO OVERLAP– There is a ghost image on the front of the Michigan driver’s license, and it is colored in black and white. The ID is underneath the lacing, and you can see the lace lines on top of it. The ghost ID has the photo’s background as well.

RAISED DOB – The date of birth above the ghost image has touchable letters and numbers. They can be felt when a person’s fingertips slide over the text. The Michigan driver’s license has both the 1D and 2D barcodes and the magnetic stripe. When we create our IDs, we make sure that each of these elements is scannable, and the information presented matches the front of the card.

Special MICHIGAN Driver’s License Features – Blue bridge on the top of the card.

There is a large blue bridge spanning from the right to the left side at the top of the card. This bridge is the Mackinac Bridge. The blue color that creates the bridge is not the same blue as the identification text below it.


Two “Michigan” printed in a multicolor ink

Below the full photo ID, there is one “Michigan,” and the other is located on the bottom right-hand corner. These two words are made with tricolor ink that allows the holder to see them when they are angled in certain positions.

In Ann Arbor, there’s no better place to drink and dance than in the Netco Nightclub. It is a multi-story club that throws themed parties every week.

The bouncers in Grand Rapids talk about having a collection of fake ids that they have confiscated over the years, but the IDTop’s licenses won’t be a part of their collection. This is excellent because this city has everything: 80 breweries, 11 nightclubs, 60 bars, and almost 90 places with live music.

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