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If you’re a young person in Massachusetts, you don’t want to miss out on the fantastic nightlife. But just like the U.S. revolution, why should you listen to laws and rules that you didn’t agree to?

Buy a Scannable fake Massachusetts ID from IDTop & get ready to embrace whiskey and rebellion!

The original ID and the real ID that came out in 2018 look identical. The only difference between the designs is that there is a golden circle with a star in the Real ID’s top right corner.




Laser Multiple Layer Insignia – Up and down the front side of the driver’s license, you can see red guilloche lacing on the card’s background. The lines can be seen through the photo ID, and the lines are colored blue. These lines follow a slightly wavy design and bend where the state seal is.

No ghost image on the front – Unlike many other IDs, the Massachusetts driver’s license does not have a small ghost image on the right side of the card. The ghost image is not even on the back of the card.

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Special Massachusetts Driver’s License Features – Multiple DOB locations.

There are two dates of birth texts on the front fake Massachusetts driver’s license. The first text is near the top right corner underneath the ID number. The second one is on the bottom right corner. The date of birth on the bottom right corner is tactile, and the numbers are raised so you can feel the numbers when you drag your fingertips over it.

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