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Maryland is a state where nature meets colonial history. And a big part of colonial history is drinking whiskey and rum.

Buy a Scannable fake Maryland ID from IDTop & create your own unique signature drinks. Hop in a secret little hole in the wall in Funkstown Tavern to have fun until dawn breaks.

Transparent Photos – The photo ID and the ghost image on the driver’s license are not in color. Instead, they are black and white. Layered on top of the ID photo are two small snowflakes. The top corners of the background of the picture are rounded as well.




Iconic Crab – In the bottom right corner, there is a blue crab layered underneath the card’s expiration date and issue date. This crab is also layered on top of the background image because you cannot see the yellow or gray coloring. However, you can see the gray lines going through the crab.

DIAGONAL RIBBONS – Around the left corner next to the photo ID, you can see several strings of ribbon going from the bottom to the side of the card. The colors that make up the ribbon are pink, yellow, and gray. One of the strings is not a string at all, but a series of microprinted letters that follows the same design.

Special Maryland Driver’s License Features – Engraved Printing & Tactile DOB

On top of the blue crab in the bottom right corner, there is the date of expiration, which is when the card is no longer valid and cannot be used. However, if you run your finger over the date, you will feel that the numbers are raised and jagged. Many fake ID printers cannot do this, so states are beginning to use them more often.

How to spot a fake Maryland ID

The UV state seal detaches from the card background when bent.

Because the UV state seal is so big, it can act as an easy test to see if a card is fake or not. If the card is bent in a c shape and it is real, then nothing will happen. However, if the card is fake and poorly made, the seal will start to lift off of the background.

There are not enough digits in the ID number.

While most states have nine digits in their ID number on their driver’s licenses, Maryland is different. Twelve digits make up Maryland’s identification numbers. So if a few numbers are missing from the ID number, then it’s evident that it is a fake. Also, there are no letters in Maryland’s ID number.

What are Maryland Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

In Maryland, college towns are currently trying to deal with the sharp rise of fake IDs and underage drinking. Nearly every college student under 21 has a fake ID and has used it to enter into bars, clubs, or purchase alcohol from stores and shops. It used to be that fake IDs were detectable if you could scan them because the magnetic stripes were only there for show. But now fake ID cards look practically perfect.

They can even be scanned, and the scanner will approve of them. So, establishments that serve alcohol are calling for help to deal with these state-of-the-art IDs, especially since the law against serving minor alcohol is so strict. If a place is caught selling alcohol to minors three times in one year, it can have its liquor license pulled completely.

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These establishments won’t find help at the universities where these underage students are coming from. The schools only prohibit alcohol on their grounds but don’t punish underage students who are drunk.

Employees are also in danger. Maryland law says that anyone who sells the alcohol to the underage drinker is at fault. This means that the waiter or bartender who makes the minor a drink or rings them up is in trouble, along with the establishment.

However, they can present their case to a judge and argue that the ID looks so real that they were convinced the minor was 21. If the judge believes them, the charge goes against the minor who owns the fake ID, and they can be charged with identity theft and criminal possession of a forged instrument.

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