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Many people all over the US believe that nothing ever happens in Maine, but the nightlife in this state is just hidden away, waiting to be discovered by those looking for fun. Residents say that the best cities for wild clubs and packed bars are either Portland or Rockland, and both of these cities are located near the beach.

Buy a Scannable fake Maine ID from IDTop & start your night in Portland the right way and prepare to be out until dawn.

We are currently selling the Real ID version of the Maine Driver’s License and Identification Card.

TEXTURE OF THE MAINE DRIVER’S LICENSE – If you read the identification text on the front of the Maine driver’s license, you will see that the standard text is in blue while the text with the information of the person is in black. Also, the black identification text is slightly larger than the standard text. Incorrect text size helps bartenders find fake IDs, so this detail must be printed correctly.




The real ID is shaped like the state – At the top right corner of the Maine ID, there is a gold picture of the state of Maine with a white star inside it. This is the symbol that shows this card is a Real ID card. Many other states have this symbol as a circle, but not Maine.

Holographic text of the word MAINE – There is a holographic text that says the word Maine on the front of the card. To see it, you must angle the card a certain way. The hologram should be visible to the naked eye.

Special Maine Driver’s License Features – Large UV outline of the state 

Placing the front of the card under black light will reveal that there is a large outline of the state of Maine that follows the state’s shape on the background. Within the state’s outline is the text “DIRIGO” as a banner. There is also a large and detailed tree above the text.

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Whichever city you choose, you will be able to experience the hidden entertainment and nightlife that the state of Maine has to offer, like historical breweries and old fashioned bars that have existed since around the turn of the 1900s.

The cops and bartenders in Rockland have a zero-tolerance policy for fake IDs, but our premium fakes have a zero-tolerance policy for getting caught. Our IDs are so impressive that it will get you into any of the many speakeasies that were created in this city to hide alcohol from law enforcement in the 1920s.

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