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Kentucky has never once pretended to be a sober state, and it never will be. So, you shouldn’t have to pretend to be a non-drinker too. After all, you live in the state that is known for moonshine and mint juleps!

Buy a Scannable fake Kentucky ID from IDTop & enter the world of nightclubs and dance halls in the cities of Newport or Bowling Green.

Angular Window Ghost Portrait – On the right-hand corner, the black and white ghost image has a background, unlike the full ID photo. But the background is a gold angled square that starts around the person’s head. The square is on its side like a diamond.




Black Real ID– Instead of a gold Real ID symbol, Kentucky has decided to color their symbol black. Also, the circle is not in the top right corner, but more towards the middle of the card. The placement of the black Real ID symbol must be perfect and in the right space.

Transparent Primary Photo – On both the driver’s license and the Identification cards, the full ID photo is black and white, and so is the ghost image. However, only the bust of the cardholder makes the id photo. There is no photo background.

Special Kentucky Driver’s License Features – Kentucky Capitol Building as Kinegram.

A dark emblem with the initials of the cardholder’s name and birth year serves as a hologram of the new license.

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Bowling green may require its servers to take additional training to identify fake IDs, but they won’t be able to distinguish our fake Kentucky IDs from from the real card. You’ll be able to use your ID at any of the many specialty pubs and bars that dot the city.

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