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When people think of Idaho, they think of potatoes. They don’t think about nightlife and amazing clubs. But if you’re young and dumb and ready to embrace the night, you can definitely find something that will get your heart pumping.

Buy a Scannable fake Idaho ID from IDTop; lit your night & head to camp axe + pong where a bit of alcohol & flying objects won’t hurt.

Blue Guilloche lacing on top of ghost image– On the bottom right corner of the Idaho license and ID, there is a ghost image of your photo ID. Layered on top of your ghost image is blue Guilloche lacing that spreads around the bottom corner of the card. We ensure that this detail is followed exactly.





Blue lining within “IDAHO” text – On the top left side of the ID card, you will see large letters that spell Idaho. But these letters are not spelling out with full-color lettering but are colored with small blue lines that run across the letter. This detail is a change from the old ID and license that used to be full-color lettering.

CUSTOM HEADER – The words Driver’s License is spelled out in blue lettering at the top of the Idaho driver’s license. However, these letters are not as big as the Idaho letters to the left. Unlike other states’ cards, this label is placed between two blue lines that are above and below it.

Special Idaho Driver’s License Features – The details on the back are shoddy in appearance

Fake IDs are known for perfectly replicating the front of the ID or Driver’s license while the back of the card looks fake. The cards we sell are designed to match the state-issued cards of Idaho perfectly, and they are even scannable.

Sandpoint, Idaho is the drunkest city in the state, so this is the best place to start if you’re looking for a night you definitely won’t remember.

Sandpoint is the city with the highest number of bars in all of Idaho, so there’s plenty of places for you to try out. We suggest you go to Coins, which is a bar that also has arcade games.

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