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In the morning, put on your best church dress and repent for all the terrible sins you committed the night before. Remember that you can’t go to heaven without experiencing a little hell.

Buy a Scannable fake Georgia ID from IDTop & and put your favorite outfit on for the nightlife of savannah is ready to take you away.

Large pink Peach in the middle of the card. – In the middle of the Georgia state ID and driver’s license, there is a large picture of a peach. The Peach takes up a good amount of room, and it does not have any leaves.

Overlapping Data – Two ID images next to each other. – In the new George driver’s license 2020 and ID cards, they are now two ghost images in the right-hand corner. One is a small full-color photo while the one below it is a black and white ghost image.





Red Guilloche lacing at the top of the card – Instead of a header, the Georgia driver’s license and identification cards both have red guilloche lacing instead. On top of the lacing, the work Georgia sits in the left-hand corner next to a peach. The words “Driver’s License” is directly under the place.

Golden picture of Georgia on the back. – On the left-hand side on the back of the car, you will find a tiny gold print of the state of Georgia. This picture of Georgia is glitter gold and will shine in any light.

An orangish-yellow design of the Savannah capitol building –

On the back of the Georgia state driver’s license, in the middle of, there is the capitol building of the city of Savannah. This building is not a full image but a design made out of microprinting. Around the building, there is also a yellow microprint design running from the top to the bottom of the card.

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