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What’s the point of being young and dumb with unlimited energy if you spend it at home night after night? It’s almost criminal for your fun and excitement to be leashed up by a few numbers on a card.

Buy a Scannable fake California ID from IDTop & enter the world of sweat, neon, and smoke. The nightlife of San Francisco and Los Angeles calls those who are open and wanting to leave the dullness of the day behind.

IDTop’s premium California features on IDs, which are difficult for low-grade ID replicators to add to their forgeries.

Figures – Poppies are not the same color as the panhandlers, as they have more of a pink hue. The mountains are a different shade of blue than the descriptive text at the bottom of the card. The sailboats behind the descriptive texts are the same color as the mountains, but the sails are colored the same shade of pink as the poppies.





THE REAL ID BEAR SYMBOL– A California law changed in 2019, which stated that all residents must have Real IDs. After October 1st, 2020, all IDs that are not Real IDs will be unusable. So we are currently offering Real IDs, so you can’t be denied access anywhere because your ID has expired. But we are selling regular California IDs as well.

YOUR PHOTO & GHOST IMAGE – The state of California uses a ghost image of your original photo because low-grade fake ghost images are easily detected. The tech needed to create a ghost image is expensive, and many creators leave them out. But our fake IDs are top of the line, and we have the necessary software needed to create these images.

Special California Driver’s License Features – Each card is laminated with the proper color and has magnetic strips with a 3D barcode on the back. 

The California ID has an orange-cream color that must be matched exactly to the correct hue. When it comes to magnetic strips, we have a whole new game changer for the fake ID world. Our barcodes and lamination strips scan. We can guarantee our customers that this is just another security level we are prepared to tackle.

The time to party is now. You’re only young once, and you can never get this time back. The night is yours for the taking, and your age should not be a reason you’re denied the best clubs and parties.

All a person needs to have a fantastic time experience the nightlife of California is a well-crafted fake ID. With our help, you can acquire what you need to party as hard as possible until the dawn breaks.

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